Google Discover is getting a dedicated section for immersive Web Stories

To check the new attribute, users will need to open Google app on their phone and swipe on the home screen to open the Google Discover feed. Users can browse through the carousel by swiping right and left and can tap any story they would like to watch.

The narrative would open up following users and tapping can tap on both sides of the display to cycle through the pages from the story. Swiping left will open up the next story and swiping will return to previous story. The feature works like Stories attribute on Instagram and Snapchat but it does not automatically cycle through pages. Users need to tap on the right edge of the screen to move to another page, or the same page is going to be played in a loop.

Underneath the tales of Google Discover feed, users may find publisher’s name, discuss button and context menu button that would let them open up the help center and send opinions. To close the open story, users need to tap “x” icon in top right corner.

Google said in a blog post that they are working with varied group of publishers and creation tools in India, US and Brazil to collaborate with Web Stories and build out the features. They said that Internet Stories could be produced by anyone and over 2,000 sites have published Stories that have been indexed by Google.

If a person is interested in learning more about the way they can post their own Stories, they can have a look at fresh site or watch Storytime YouTube series.

The Google Discover feed on your apparatus is becoming a dedicated section for Web Stories, a Snapchat Stories-like feature that was first declared all the way back in 2018. The feature permits publishers to post short, visually attractive pieces of content which consumers can easily skim through on their apparatus. The business plans to expand availability to more areas and include support for more languages soon.

To have a look at the new feature, open the Google program on your phone or swipe directly on your house screen to start the Google Discover feed. Then, scroll down past the normal news and updates, and you’ll see the new Stories carousel. It is possible to navigate via the carousel by swiping left or right, and you can tap on any story you would like to watch.

Tapping on a narrative opens it up, then you can tap on both sides of the display to cycle through each of the pages in the narrative. Swiping to the left opens up another story while swiping to the right will take you back to the preceding narrative. But, though the feature works much like the Stories attribute on Instagram and Snapchat, it currently doesn’t cycle through pages automatically. You need to tap the ideal border of your screen to move to another page, or it’s going to keep playing the exact same page at a loop.

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