Redmi SonicBass Wireless earphones review

Xiaomi has been in the music market for quite a while in India and it’s one of the leading businesses in the budget earphones segment. Now, the company declared a new neckband-style wireless earphone beneath its Redmi lineup, which is sold in the shape of this Redmi SonicBass priced at Rs 999. With the audio market crowded with a ton of devices, it does result in a challenging choice to select between them. Fortunately, Xiaomi has the power of a respectable brand name that has been cultivated by providing quality products. Let us have a peek at exactly what the SonicBass provides us in the entire review.

The lowdown

Similar to some of those many neckband earphones on the current market, the Redmi SonicBass uses a flexible band that sits around your neck and forms the foundation for both earphone cables. I did try to contort the band into various shapes to test the durability and that I came away quite impressed. In the close of the neckband is a bulbous extension which does not home anything around the left but on the right, you’ll find volume controls, the power button, along with the charging port. Something unique about the earbuds is that it can pair with just two devices simultaneously, a feature hardly any earphones can brag about in this price range.

Design and build quality


The earbuds possess a magnetic locking mechanism to stop them from flailing around when you’re running or walking around with all the neckband on. But, unlike some other wireless earphones, the magnetic lock does not initiate any kind of functionality like turning the earphones on/off or entering into pairing mode once the earbuds are separated. This is a feature you’d see about the OnePlus Bullets Z earphones which electricity off as soon as the earbuds click together and turn on when separated. To boot the Redmi SonicBass you have to use the dedicated button on the neckband. The same goes for pairing it with your smart phone.

Apart from that, the sound quality in the earbuds happens to be precisely what you would expect on an affordable set of earphones. The name SonicBass suggests a heavy bass touch to the noise and I must say it is pretty thumping. Other aspects such as mids and vocals seem dull, but for somebody with an inclination towards Classic Rock songs there won’t be much to complain about. I do like to listen to hip/hop and R&B genres, along with the SonicBass has been quite wonderful in that respect, at least for budget earphones. Evidently, you can’t go in expecting too much out of the Redmi SonicBass however I can guarantee you that you will not come out disappointed.

The earphones support most important codecs except for aptX, such as HFP, A2DP, HSP and, AVRCP. There is Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for reduced latency and better signals while consuming less electricity as a result of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Speaking of battery life though, that the SonicBass is graded for almost 12 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. During my usage, I was getting somewhere about 10 hours which is still drops light in comparison to the almost 20 hours on the Bullet Z. You charge the device via the micro-USB port present on the neckband and it will take approximately 90 minutes to juice up completely. Also, the earphones have been IPX4 rated for water and dust resistance so you can take them out to get a sweaty workout.


Overall the Redmi SonicBass has an adequate sound signature and should appeal especially to bass heads. The only thing I have a complaint about is that the magnetic attachment of the earbuds. Not only the OnePlus Buds Z, but a number of wireless neckband earphones use this simple feature that easily allows you to turn on/off and pair/unpair that the earphones. If you don’t mind that extra one second it takes to power the earphones on physically, then you’ll be delighted with all the Redmi SonicBass and also the more than immersive audio experience it provides for the price.

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