REVIEW: Summit of the Wolf

Hello everybody, Summit of the Wolf is a very long time and click adventure game whose story revolves heavily around child sexual abuse and it’s also based on a true story. Thankfully it’s only discussing the subject from the game but it might be a little much for some people. I’ll confess I wasn’t excited about playing the game after I learned what it was around, mostly because it’s a topic that disturbs me greatly but I do realize that it is also a topic that needs to be talked about, however embarrassing it makes folks. So, it’s a poignant story and it has its point across but figured it was worth mentioning for the ones that aren’t aware of this. I didn’t realize that fact entering the game and it certainly surprised me.


She’s informed by means of a goddess that she has to go on a journey to the Summit of the Wolf to reawaken her memories. She finds herself in this land because something awful happened to her and it is her way of dealing with the pain of what took place.

Ophelia’s travel is mostly based around a fairy tale that her father had read to her. She also appears to be a pixie in this world as well. Her journey is a long one and there are quite a few unique creatures that she experiences along the way, such as the Cions along with the Spring Eagles. She also winds up teaming up with some folks as her journey progresses as well.

If there’s one thing about this game that I can surely praise, it is its story, which is poignant and rather well-written. Some of the voice actings can be a bit jagged here and there but I wound up becoming used to it so it doesn’t disturb me but it may be a little jarring for some in the beginning.

The storyline of The Summit of the Wolf follows little Ophelia, who after going to bed one night, wakes up in the center of an ethereal garden. The goddess informs her that she will find out more about the painful truth during her trip.

The Summit of the Wolf is the standard point-and-click experience and visual graphic novel game. You may direct Ophelia in her journey by solving simple puzzles. Some puzzles may require Ophelia to accumulate items, combine them, and/or contribute them to other characters so as to progress. There are a couple of instances of quick-time occasions, and they’re very straightforward and forgiving.

Pictures and Audio

1 thing I will admit straight from the gate in this segment is Summit of the Wolf graphically is striking in some regions and somewhat weak in others. This game is the very definition of an indie game though and it was created by a team that formerly worked on text adventure games with Summit of the Wolf being their next picture point and click adventure game. So even though it is noticeably janky, I’m pretty impressed with what they were able to accomplish in just 5 total games.

Graphically, there were a few places I was fairly impressed with. The first is the character models for a few of the characters and creatures. My favorite creatures were certainly the Spring Eagles, they were rather cool looking and their models were superb. Ophelia’s own personality version was also nicely designed as well. Another area I was fairly impressed with is the backdrop for each scene. As you can see previously, the wallpapers were quite well designed and fairly impressive considering it is their next graphic novel adventure game.

The biggest weak area that you notice right in the gate is the jankiness of the animations during the cutscenes. This area needs some work but I am sure the devs will get it done at a future release.

The music into the game was definitely my favorite part of the sound. It has a fairy-tale sense to it that doesn’t overstay its welcome nor does this become repetitive and annoying. It blends into the background as you’re exploring and trying to resolve puzzles. Surely well done in that region. As mentioned the voice acting can be somewhat hit or miss. Ophelia’s voice actor did a fantastic job, and many of the creatures were bad either. The main thing I discovered is that the quality on some of the records felt a bit on the bad side that was pretty noticeable when two characters were talking with differing mic quality.


Overall, I am not quite sure how I really feel about the Summit of the Wolf. It’s a fun point and click adventure game with a few pretty solid puzzle-solving but its own janky cutscenes can occasionally feel somewhat, off-putting. Its story is also fairly upsetting but at the exact same moment, I found it rather disturbing as well. Here is the first time I’ve ever been precisely 50/50 when it comes to a match it’s some great things and I still find it pretty impressive given their previous games but it’s also far from the very best adventure game that I’ve ever played with. Because I tend to lean more positively when it comes to indie games, I’ve resolved to Save for Later on this one.

If you’re in the market to get a point and click adventure game and will get beyond a few of the Jankiness here and there, then you’ll probably like Summit of the Wolf. It is far from perfect but it’s also not the strangest adventure game I’ve ever played for from it in fact.

When you start this game, a huge warning that this match has some graphic character pops up. It certainly does. There are depictions of suicide which are definitely not kid-friendly. By the way, did I mention that regardless of the dream theme and how you play a twelve-year-old kid, this game is not for kids?

However, the storyline feels disjointed. Also, as mentioned previously, you don’t really learn about what occurred to Ophelia as Brianna, the flashbacks are what informs the dark truth. There is no subtlety to it either.

The Summit of the Wolf is a quick game that can be finished in a few sittings. You might need to have the stomach to manage a number of the story’s intense seconds, but if you go through it, you’ll realize that this is the truth for a number of people out in the actual world. That is the powerful outcome of this game.

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