The 6 best photo-editing apps you need to download on your iPhone

The iPhone has improved a lot through the years, especially when it concerns the camera.

Just look at the iPhone 11 Pro. That bad boy comes complete with a triple rear camera setup (all which can be 12-megapixels) and a camera lens. Your photos have not looked better

But even though Apple has upped the ante in terms of hardware, it’s highly unlikely you will upload a picture to societal media without marginally shifting at least a component of it.

Luckily, there are some excellent options to settling for all those fundamental Instagram filters or even sticking into the built in camera tools. Because every single one of us wants all of the”enjoys” we could get. And because #nofilter is no more a thing.

Listed below are just six of the finest iPhone photo-editing apps to download right now.

Bye, Instagram filters. Hello, beautifully edited photographs!


I am not sure there will ever be a time when my mind does not associate the word “VSCO” with the word”girls” But supporting the viral trend is a picture program that’s a bit distinctive from the rest.

If you decide on the free version, you will have access to fundamental tools to edit RAW images — such as contrast, saturation, texture, crop, and skew.

If you’re willing to pay $20 per year, you are going to unlock the more innovative photo editor programs, such as split tone and HSL. You can also use the program edit videos, create brief GIFs, and use the Montage attribute to piece together content to create video collages.

Oh, and you’ll also have plenty more presets to select from, you photography expert. Like, over 200. So many possibilities to your photos!!

When you’re finished with your photo masterpiece, then you can either export it to upload to various social networking platforms or place it to the VSCO community. The very best part: You will find no”likes” or comments, so that you won’t have to constantly refresh the post to see how it’s doing.

2. Snapseed

With Snapseed, as well as different filters, there are tons of photo editing and adjustment tools, also.

Coming from somebody who mostly edits just the brightness and brightness on her photos, I have never heard of some of what the app provides, but it does not imply that these tools are useless. They are just more on the amount of professional photographer effects.

With over 30 edit filters and tools to choose from, you can use things like lens blur (for Bokeh), song the exposure, boost shadows, and adjust the white balance, and more.

It seems intimidating, but the Snapseed program is super straightforward and simple to navigate for all your photography requirements. And, for you newbies out there, there are plenty of photo editor hints and tutorials to read through to help you to get the most from this program.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express


Photoshop Express is similar to a”lite” version of their first photo-editing program, built especially for your phone.

It is possible to use the Photoshop app to eliminate red-eye or noise, adjust contrast, or crop and straighten images. To boost the photographs, you may even adjust color temperature and vibrancy, or include filters. And then there is the more fun things, such as adding borders, texts, stickers, and texts into your images.

In case you experience plenty of snapshots, there’s a handy-dandy photo collage feature, also.

4. Afterlight


So, if you’re trying to give your photos that dark, grungy vibe, Afterlight is where you want to go. There are plenty of presets to choose from.

As for editing the details of your images, the program provides a wide selection of tools, from basic ones like saturation and lightness to more extreme capacities like advanced curves, touch tools (that make it much easier to alter particular areas of the photo), and double exposure.

Among the coolest features on the program are light and dust leaks overlays. Similar to the photo filters, they provide the pictures a classic sense — almost as though the images were snapped onto a movie camera.

The app is free to download and use, but if you would like access to all the features, you may choose to pay $2.99 for a monthly subscription or $17.99 per year from the app store.

5. Darkroom

Like Snapseed, Darkroom includes a packed library of innovative features for iPhone photography. This one has been especially optimized for iOS, which means you can do things like create Siri Shortcuts, edit Live Photos, and sync with your Photo library.

Additionally, it supports RAW and large image filesup to 120-megapixels specifically, which means that you may use it to edit photos that you took on either your iPhone and DSLR. Batch processing also allows you to edit multiple images at the same time. Talk about multitasking!

Obviously, you have a gallery of filters to choose from, along with the capability to produce your own if those are not what you would like. And, if you’re feeling very indecisive, Darkroom can pick out frames for you based on the colors featured in the photo.

While the simple photo-editor programs are free, it’ll cost you $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year to get the premium ones. Or, if you are up for it, then you are able to shell out a one-time fee of $49.99.


UNUM is essentially a one-stop shop for all things picture editing and preparation on Instagram. It helps ensure your account is getting all of the engagement.
The program permits you to edit your photos (with filters, templates, presets( and much more) and concurrently preview how it will appear on your grid. You have the option to link to your Instagram account or use a blank grid.

When you’re ready to post, there is an analytics tool to help gauge the best hashtags to use, the maximum optimal time to post (which we all know is verycrucial). And, to make certain that you don’t overlook that prime posting time, then you may place reminders or program your own very well-crafted IG post.

It will cost you for the full package of features, however. Head to the app shop, and you can opt for the Elite plan for $6.99 a month, or pay $59.99 for the whole calendar year.

Irrespective of whether you’re looking for the fundamental functionalities or the more advanced photo-editor tools, these apps will surely make your picture pop on your friends’ Instagram feed.

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