The best podcasting apps on iOS in 2020

Fortunately, there are a number of great iOS programs on the market to help in that section.

I will break down a few of the best podcast programs available on iOS. To be honest, the podcasting match remains begging to be reinvented, so while the programs listed are all great in their own right, there is no single standout platform. But, each recommended program does have its own unique design and set of features. Let us get started.

For several years, Apple iTunes has been the reigning king of their podcast platforms. But despite being the pioneer in the business, Apple stopped innovating in the podcast room as it focused on music, films, mobile programs, and other digital media.

Apple made some effort to center podcasts when it cut podcasting out of iTunes and launched Apple Podcasts in 2012. Did Apple reinvent the wheel when it did so? No, but providing the medium its very own dedicated app was certainly an important step. Whether an Apple customer is a podcast aficionado or not, each Apple device includes the built-in Podcasts program.

Apple Podcasts’ top show and event rankings will also be the most frequent way podcasters gauge the prevalence of particular programs. Getting on the system’s”New and Noteworthy” section, a person curated list of upcoming podcasts assemble by Apple, is regarded as a large achievement.

Before this year, Apple announced it had struck one million podcasts from its own library. That’s not human episodes. We are talking entirely about complete shows. So, if you’re looking for a display, it’ll surely be listed in Apple Podcasts.

However, at its heart, Apple Podcasts is merely a list of podcast feeds (even though it’s a ton of these ), a fairly simple library to manually sync the displays you’re subscribed to, along with a barebones podcast player. It’s basic, but it gets the job done.


The most common third party podcast program is likely Overcast. It’s distinct from the other programs on this list as its focus is more its audio player than any sort of display discoverability choices. And, honestly, that is where it shines.

The program is devoid of articles once you first download it. It really requires you to know what shows you want to listen to. Once you fill up your librarythough, you probably have the finest iOS podcast player.

Overcast has a range of listening features you won’t find anywhere else such as”Smart Speed” Essentially, this feature speeds up the podcast if you will find silences or long pauses in order to make the most of your podcast listening time without changing the true content. Overcast also has a”Voice Boost” feature which gives your own podcast quantity a boost if you are listening in a specially noisy atmosphere.


If there was a stage to sabotage Apple’s perch on the podcast throne, it is Spotify. Interestingly , as Apple looks to separate podcasts out of its music offerings, Spotify is looking to take over the podcasting world by bringing podcasts into its favorite music streaming program. Not too long after Apple, Spotify additionally announced it had attained a million podcasts onto its stage — an impressive feat when you consider iTunes’ head start.

But, Spotify is seeking to go much farther. It is immersing itself in the growing podcast market. Last year, the business acquired the podcast production platform, Anchor, and Gimlet Media, the production company behind popular podcasts like Response All and Crimetown. The company is also signing deals to deliver exclusive podcasts to the stage.

Spotify is really trying to provide a premium experience to go along with its premium music subscription service, which costs $9.99 per month.

The podcast proprietor must apply directly to Spotify to be added to the platform. Of course, this could be a favorable to some users looking for more than simply what is featured on each other podcasting app.


Breaker is trying to bring social media facets to podcasting. It’s not merely a podcast participant. It is not just a podcast directory. It is all that with a complete podcast-oriented social networking constructed inside.

Users sign up for a profile just like they would to some other social networking site and start subscribing to their favorite podcasts. Again, contrary to other podcast platforms, these subscriptions are not just for your listening pleasure — they are people on your own profile, kind of like Facebook Likes or YouTube channel subscriptions.

Spotify does have a feature in which users can view their friend’s music activity feed but not what podcasts they hear. So Breaker actually stands out in that regard. Its users can also comment on episodes and shows and share their recent listening history.

Breaker users may follow other podcast listeners on the platform so as to keep track of what they’re swallowing and find new shows to obey. The program also uses your own subscriptions to recommend other similar and trending podcasts.

A podcast social network may not sound revolutionary, but it is quite honestly the most refreshing take on a podcasting platform I have seen yet.

Breaker is free to download but offers a $5 a month subscription to get rid of in-app advertisements. Breaker additionally lets podcast owners charge for premium episodes inside the app.

The Podcast App

It might have an extremely generic name but The Podcast Program may very well possess the best UI and many intriguing discovery platform of all the apps on this listing.

As soon as it’s totally free to download, it sadly limits some very basic features — such as complete listening history and the capacity to add podcasts from RSS feed to its $24.99 a year subscription, with no monthly subscription choice.

However, there is a particular free attribute I find myself using tandem with additional podcast options. On opening the app I was immediately met by a recommendation engine organizing displays by incident length. It is a great way to find new shows that may fit certain commutes or downtimes throughout daily.

Unfortunately, in my estimation, we wait for the best platform, a total podcasting package. But, these iOS programs each provide a part of that perfection we expect to one day see on a single platform.

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